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The Halls of Residence of UM have a global capacity of 1 399 beds, 845 in Braga, 30 of which are dormitories, and 554 in Guimarães, 72 of which are dormitories.

It is important to highlight that once you are allocated a room at the Halls of Residence and you accept it, you should spend all your study period there. You will be requested to sign an Accommodation Contract. If you decide to leave the Halls of Residence before the end of your contract you will have to pay for the total period agreed beforehand.

There are single and double rooms. A single room costs 119,80 euros per month and a double room costs 92,15 euros per month, per person, plus extra electricity spent. These amounts can be updated in the beginning of each academic year.

Please be aware that you are obliged to pay for the whole month despite of the number of real occupation days.

First and final month rent are to be paid on arrival in advance at the Social Services Office (Serviços de Acção Social - unit responsible for managing the Halls of Residence). A deposit of 50 euros is also required. Students are reimbursed this amount at the end of their stay, after being confirmed that no damages for the services were caused and that Lodging rules were respected.

Care should be taken to fully respect the Halls of Residence's rules. Leave the room nice and clean when moving out, the way you want to find it yourself on arrival!

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