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“The Achievement of Student Merit Award”


The atmosphere of room B2 Amphitheatre building CP II was so excited. On the right and left I saw many students wearing their best clothes. There were stylish casuals, young executives, and even some pride dress “praxe”. The event was called “Student Merit Award” that is a prestigious annual event devoted to the best student in each department in University of Minho. This year was the award for student generation of 2007. The outstanding students were awarded diploma and cash money about 300 euros or 900 euros. This year, the average value obtained by the students was around 14/20 or 16/20.


A rector of Uminho, António Augusto Magalhães da Cunha, started the program with his speech. He congratulated to his best students. This year, he was satisfied with the achievements of students because the results are quite good at the national and international level.

This event was followed by granting diplomas to the best students by each department representative. Each student was walking toward the podium to receive awards like a model, witnessed by hundreds of pairs of eyes, accompanied by clapping of honour. Everyone would be proud of if on the same situation.


University’s policy to give awards to its best students is greeted positively by one of the award recipients. One of them is Paulo Gomes, “This is good, because the university appreciates of its students.” That management student does not expect that he will be one of the best. Fantastic, while he is working consultant company, he gets 16.3. He also gives input that the university to be more often gives awards to students.

When he was asked how could he achieve all this, the son of dress businessman just smiled and claimed that he only learned as other student do, only 5 hours per day. He planned to take a higher education level and work in a company. Then, he gave a message to the younger levels to work hard and do the best for everything.


In the different place, after the event, the rector gives a message to students “It is worth to work hard in a project that we believe!”

Text: Rendra Ardyansah

(Pub. Nov/2010)

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