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CELTA, the Silent Night Breaker – Saturday



It was 9 pm, but the atmosphere of CELTA spread until its front yard. The audience had crowded Theatro Circo’s front door. They really want to enjoy the shows immediately. Smiles decorated audience’s face, even before they entered the room. It was not a dejavu, but the audience was able to guess that they would get happiness from CELTA’s shows.


Among the crowd, there were some people in black with a little bit worried look on their face. They were  participants of CELTA and was feeling nervous while waiting decision of the jury. Some of them choosed to sing and joke to expel nervous. The others were offering a CD to the audience as a gift because of their appreciation.


His name is Francisco. Although he was busy offering CD, he could not hide his tense. “Yesterday was my first show. And tonight CELTA will announce who is the best among us,” said that member of Tuna da Universidade Católica Portuguesa  do Porto.


That man who like classical music was optimistic to be the winner. But he realized, other tunas had great quality of performance. “Our rivals played very beautiful.” said that guitar player.


Near the door of Theatro Circo, there were 24 trophies standing up tidily for the winners. Uniquely, it shaped is like rabbit using a hat. Antonio Luis Trincao, Azeituna flag player tells that rabbit is a unique animal, funny, and likes to jump. Therefore, Azeituna made him the a mascot and often uses movements in every performance. “The music will be more interesting if it combines with movement. And we always try to create new motion to entertaine audience,” he said.


From 24 trophies, only 22 trophies will be awarded at Theatro Circo. The other two will be given in Populum at 2 o’clock after the show, tuna mais tuna and superblocks award. Antonio believes that all tuna has shown a great performance. “Every tuna has a chance to win. But the important thing is that the tuna should be able to entertain audience,” he added.


By 21:30 pm, audience has been seated to fill the magnificent room of Theatro Circo. Great performance from first night tuna’s show became a magnet for audience to watch another tuna from other universities. That enthusiasm was shown by full seated places.


Suddenly the lights turned off. There was an unique male voice that never stopped churning audience’s stomach. He was Antonio, comedian who was also a member of Azeituna. Although he has not said any words, audience always smiled when saw his funny behavior. Accompanied by Hitler and the Joker, he changed the silent night of Braga into a crowd applause and laughter.


Satisfied shout happily, CELTA create silent situations using beautiful instrumental from Tuna Universitaria de Aveiro (TUA). Combination sounds like a rumbling bass and guitar brought audience at a high level of peacefullness. Then they reminded audience to period of war through six songs. It was not only singing, they used effects of footsteps tempo, whisperring, and played its tempo to lead audience to dance.


After that Antonio was back with Superman, Darth Vader, and Golem to fill the show’s gap. Although he always came, Antonio never ran out of material to make audience laugh. On that time, Antonio invited audience to sing together and showed the trophies that would be given to participants.


The second show was filled by Tuna Universitaria do Instituto Superior Tecnico (TUIST) with Charlie Chaplin’s background. TUIST showed their six “pandeireta” with a symmetrical position. Great movement and beautiful closing force audience to give long applause. On the last song, love story filled the background with scenes of hugs and kisses to make audience remember their memory of romance story.

After blushed remembering love story, audience throw their tired with laughing. There were no superhero anymore, Antonio was accompanied by woman lover’s actors, James Bond, Mitch Buchannon, and Austin Powers. Their characters and behaviors that like to “play” woman made audience laugh,happy, and relaxed.


The night went on, but the stage lights were turn off. Audience waited for the appearance of next participant. Some of them looked confused and asking their friends. Where Who was is the third participant? Cartola, Magna Tuna Cartola de Aveiro presented in the darkness of the stage through small lamp game on the flute. Cartola presented some varieties of unique and different performance who had never shown before. Fast flag playing, jumping, dance, pandeireta with their beautiful red roses, and funny phone sounds made audience amazed and gave a standing applause.


The atmosphere of excitement was still carried out although it was time to break. The committee provided 20 minutes to rest high level laughter and fun of the audience. Most of the audience did not want to move from their seat because they were waiting to watch next great participant.


Antonio opened the second session of CELTA with a new concept. He did not sit on the second floor. Antonio choosed to interact directly and walked among the audience. Styled like a drunk, he disturbed audience with funny stories. Some of them who were his victims looked embarrased. That interaction succeed to bring audience fall deeper into the Antonio’s world of laughter.


Participants ended the last laugh with a soft melodious song. Men in Black, Estudantina Universitaria de Lisboa (EUL) sang six simple songs that were easy to listen. Stereo sound from two vocalists combined with a “pretending to be wrong” game entertained audience.


CELTA closed with the host´s performance, Azeituna, and announced the winner. Audience was never lie. Cartola who received a standing applause won the first price. CELTA ended at second. However in the heart of the audience the thought was to be in the next Celta in the following year.


Text: Abdur Rahman Hakim

Photo Rendra Ardyansah

(Pub. Dez/2010)










Text: Reza PradItya Yudha

Photo: Rendra Ardyansah

(Pub. Dez/2010)

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