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Beat the Best, AAUM became the Second Winner


In the first match, AAUM met Associação de Estudantes Instituto Superior de Ciencias da Saude – Norte (AEISCS-N). Using grey and white suit, AAUM could not make any goal at in the first period. They had tried to break defense men and goalkeeper, but AEISCS-N always got a chance to take over the game. “They have some good players. It is not easy to get point,” said Joao Soares, AAUM player.


On the second period, AAUM created a new “style~” to catch the ball. They succeeded with their new strategy. AAUM made 2 goals until referee blew the whistle. “AAUM is a good team. They have young new players and can create good a generation,” said Joao Coelho, AEISCS-N player.


AAUM had played well, then they faced Instituto Politecnico do Porto (IPP) on the second game. Joao Soares argued that IPP was the second winner on last championship. He also looked not good because he fall after crashed AEISCS-N’s player on the first game. “I am not sure I can fight them, but I will work harder”, he added.


IPP was really good. They made 4 goals on the first period. AAUM only could counter back with 2 goals from player number 16 and number 8. Joao Soares could not run well. Sometimes he touched his waist. His wound was bothering his playing. On those games, there were no reserve players from AAUM. Joao Soares and the rest of the team had to fight IPP without any replacements. After 30 minutes, AAUM was losing by 2-10.


Although AAUM had lost, they played on the semifinal against Universidade do Porto, first winner on last national championship. Joao Soares said that he will “not give up”. AAUM had been preparing 2 weeks for those championships. “I am optimist I can be the winner”, said that player who uses 08 as his back number.


Their spirit made them won against UPorto but IPP was waiting them on final. IPP has some first division Portugal hockey players. They have good defense men and best centre players. AAUM could not beat IPP’s big power. Most of IPP’s player has big body with high speed moving. AAUM goalkeeper got injured because he had been hit and had to keep his goal from IPP’s attack. But it was a great game, although AAUM lost. AAUM become the second winner, and they still have big spirit to fight again in another championship.


“We are new. And they (AAUM) play well. More than we expected before”, said one of AAUM team coach Alexandre Oliveira proudly.


Text: Reza Praditya Yudha / Abdur Rahman Hakim

(Pub. Dez/2010)

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