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Mud Mans!! Dont worry…

Particularly UM was there and also play 7 rugby university team with UM. Despite of all the teams were really strong and successfull, some of them won and some of them lost.


The tournament started with host team and UMinho. This first game was a disappointment for UM because they lost the first game 21- 5. It was not a good to start for Uminho team.


Team captain of UM, Leonel Azevedo, said that the team of UMinho is a young team, they do not have a lot of training. Azevedo emphasized that after some time they will improve themselves as a player and team of rugby and the will upgrade their skills.


After the match, we watched the other matches for a while. All teams were very good, but there was a team that was beter than all. It was the team of University of Porto and they played for world championship of rugby. Of course they were the best.


We had a a game with U.Porto and we lost against them. The team captain of U. Porto, Jorge Vareta, said the same thing as ours “We are a very young team and we need more practice to get be more stronger.”


As a result we lost the two games we play. The tournament went on. There were seven teams in the tournment: AAUTAD, AAUM, FALeiria, AAUAlg, AAUBI, AAUE and U.Porto.


The winning team in the final was U.Porto.


In my view, this game is obviously a mans game, and it seems like they are trying to prove their power and masculinity. As a matter of how hard and agressive, the better.

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Text and Photo: Gözde Torun

(Pub. Dez/2010)

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