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Seminário Officina Mathematica/DMCT

“Stable steady states of galactic dynamics in relativistic scalar gravity


The Nordström-Vlasov system is a Lorentz invariant generalization of the Vlasov-Poisson system in the gravitational case. As such, it provides a model for the dynamics of the stars in a galaxy (or galaxies in a cluster) taking into account large velocities relativistic effects in the system.


In this talk I will sketch the proof of non-linear stability of a class of stationary solutions (isotropic polytropes) to the Nordstr¨on-Vlasov system against general perturbations, provided the mass of the steady state is sufficiently large. The proof is by showing that these solutions minimize the energy functional under suitable constraints.


This is a joint work with Óscar Sánchez and Juan Soler.


Orador: Simone Cologero (Officina Mathematica, Universidade do Minho).

Data: 26 de Janeiro (Sexta-feira) às 14h00.

Local: sala EC0.29 do Campus de Azurém da Universidade do Minho.

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