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Wishes for 37th UMinho’s Anniversary



Audience stood up and saw proudly who are always giving their best to increase UMinho’s quality.


UMinho is still young. There were a lot of problems and awards left behind. But UMinho is always proud to everybody who did their best for their beloved university. On this day, UMinho gave prizes for them as a gifts and sign of loves. It was not the end, those prizes were given to help them to create innovation and creativity. Because there will be another problems that UMinho has to face in the future.


As a part of UMinho, each people prayed and gave their wishes on that day. Cold and rain was still decorated, but their silence made it warmer. UMinho Social Services Director Carlos Duarte Oliveira e Silva revealed the day was special.


?It is a different day because UMinho community gathered to commemorate a day for community itself. I hope UMinho will be one of top ten Research University in the world. This is important because if we are good in research, we can accommodate many projects, and work to be the best university. It makes more students to want to study here. Then, another aspect will extend automatically. But to make it true, we need a hard work from students, staff, and teachers also,? he said. 


Another wish came from Luís Rodrigues. He is optimist to make it true. “UMinho is a young university. I hope UMinho keeps his way to success by keeping, his class quality, his professionalism, maintaining well and support students activities. It’s important to help us to be good students and best persons. It’s not difficult to reach it. I hope UMinho will keep distinguish itself as modern and the best university in Portugal”, wished that president of AAUM.


In addition to expectations, many people interpret this celebration deeper. One of PhD award recipient, João Pedro Mendonça da Silva expressed his pride. “I am very proud because university recognized my work. It is important for public to recognize people’s work, and for sure is by this ceremony. I propose the growth for UMinho to be a good university in the world. UMinho has a good teaching action that is useful for our self and institution. It precedes my study, and I will keep working in the future”, said this PhD student from Mechanical Engineering Department who has researched “Automatic and intelligent integration of manufacture standardized specifications to support Product Life Cycle” for his thesis.


Then, the best student from History and Sociology Department (2009-2010), Raquel Pereira, expressed her satisfaction in studying at UMinho. “I like the teachers, the quality, and facilities are excellent. It is the best in Portugal. I just saw from internet last week UMinho is number one. I know everybody is searching for UMinho”. Student who also gets highest score among ICS also wish UMinho will not get the bad world economic impact again so all students can pay. “This is the authority above UMinho, because this is world impact. But we have to keep trying and be optimist” she said encouraged.

We are proud of every success that we got. But it is a long journey to always do our best to make UMinho better. It is not the end. It is still far. The rain will be always here, watching over our hard work and cheering when we are failed.


Text: Rahman / Reza

Photo: Nuno Gonçalves

(Pub. Fev/2011) 

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