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“We will never go home with nothing”




Prestigious event, which was held in cooperation with Academic Federation of University Sports (FADU), Athletic Federation of Portugal (FPA) and District Athletics Association of Leiria (ADAL), aims to find the seed of gifted athletes. Events competed in this season include: 60 m and 400 m sprints, middle distance 800 m and 3,000 m, 60 m hurdles, 4×200 m relay, shot put, long jump, high jump and pole vault. Twenty people competent judges were prepared in that event.


Beside to promote healthy culture to the wider community, it is also expected to appear professional athletes who will represent Portugal in international events” says president of FADU, Bruno Barracosa.


Nine athletes were delegated by Minho to fight in this championship. They are Sónia Marques (60m dash dan long jump), Cláudia Coelho (60 m dash dan long jump), Nilza Sousa (3000 m), Carlos Gonçalves (60 m dash), José Silva (400 m and 800 m), Marco Olivera (800 m and 3000 m), Pedro Faria (800 m and 3000 m), Pedro Pereira (long jump and high jump), António Félix (3000 m). They were ready to fight and provide the best in this national athletics championships. Despite the absence of jointexercise of Minho, they did their own exercise by themselves and workout routine.


“I practice four times a week; I do this exercise throughout the year. But I cannot deny that the struggle of fighting for champion is not easy. University of Porto and Lisbon are fairly strong opponents. But we will do our best” said one of athlete Carlos, a third year student of LEI.


Ivo Carvalosa as the athletes coordinator adds that this match is very important for Minho. By becoming a champion will automatically promote the university name, especially in the field of athletics. But he did not target how many medals that should be achieved.


Three hours by car from Braga to Expocentro de Pombal seems to be a long journey. At 11:30 the party was docked. But they came too earlier, while the match will begin three hours later. Finally they decided to fill the energy in a cafe nearby sports hall.


Now the energy was recovered, it means that our heroes were ready to go to arena. Arriving at the arena, they immediately did a little warming. A half of sport hall has begun to fe attended by audiences. 60 m hurdles were opening the match At 14:30. Shouts of audiences helped to burn the athletes spirit. There were more powerful shouts in my right side. Accessories as a symbol of each university’s pride were flying everywhere.


One by one of Minho warriors shows his/her skill. Our fighters actions were pretty good. But unfortunately they had quite strong opponent. One by one of Minho athletes were sidelined.


But look! There was one hero who was very tough. Apparently she was not willing three hours travel to Pombal return by empty-handed. Sofia crawled through to the final round. Remarkably, she had two games at once in final round.


Now, she was in 60 m dash mach. Sharp eyes looked at in her starting point. It seems the fans shouting my right didn’t make her shrunken nerve. It was true, I didn’t hear shouts of “Go Minho!! Go Minho!!” there, but the lunch energy was still enough to finish this final round. And… “dorrr!” referee gun sounds instantly makes all the athletes who lined underlined start triggering energy to run as tight as possible. No one was willing to be in the back position. They overtoke each other. They made very close distance till near the finish line. And it turned out, Sonia managed to occupy in the third position. Not a bad result.


She had one more long jump mach to finish. Now all the athletes were lined up on the couch. I noticed there were same faces, they were all cannot wait to jump as far as possible. Now Sonia’s turn again, she ran as fast as she could. With quick feet that left the white line. Her sturdy body and legs were straight ahead. Pairs of eyes were seen sharp. Finally she slid towards the fine white sand. And? “crassshh!!” the sand rub each other to welcome her beautiful landing. She was getting a better position. She got the second rank.


Although it couldn’t succeed in another match, at least there was a nice gift to take home to Braga. See you on outdoors championship in next April or May. Now Minho is awaiting for another tough fighter.

Text and Photo: Rendra Ardyansah

(Pub. Fev/2011)

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