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“Rain goals in Camelias”



Under the Camelias scorching sun rays, eleven warriors from AAUM played fiercely since the first few minutes of the game. AAUBI had to work hard to serve the fast playing style by AAUM. Violation by AAUBI at minute twenty three should be paid handsomely; the referee gave a free kick to AAUM.  The execution from Pedro Leitão went smoothly, curving kick from the players numbered two had been ripped AAUBI wicket. Thus, make the temporary position turned into 1-0. This score remained until the first round was over.


Seven minutes later Ricardo Silva blew his whistle again, the second round was begun. Games gray team who captained by Oliveira was still pressing. Lapse of three minutes, the payer with number nine added another goal and change the position to 2-0.


Now AAUBI must adjust their game flow. The player number seventeen was substituted by player number eleven. However, the circumstance had not changed. AAUM still dominate the game. In the minute-forty-eight, player number eleven from AAUM re-tore AAUBI wicket.


Attack by attack was also continuously carried out by the white lascar, but AAUM wicket was too strong to be defeated. AAUM was not quite satisfied to beat AAUBI. They are still very ambitious to score their goal.


Six minutes later, player number four added another goal for AAUM. It’s not enough, at minute fifty-six, one more goal was offered. It’s almost very difficult for AAUBI to pursue their defeat.  Hopes were dashed when the ball continues to be on AAUM foots. Their condition was really worse and getting out of control. Two minutes before the second round completed, a closing goal from AAUM was made by player number ten. AAUM won a lot in this match.

Text and Photo: Rendra Ardyansah

(Pub. Fev/2011)

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