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More Than A Party: Recepção Caloiro


Yesterday night there was a big party for new students. The party has been organized by University of Minho and Academic Association of University of Minho (AAUM). This big event was in Pavilhão Multiusos in Guimarães. In this freshman’s party there were a lot of students and also black dressed people.


The stage firstly was given to this black dressed student community. The first  group which was on stage first was girls community they called themselves TUN’OBEBES. They acted on stage about half an hour and they played their instrument well and sing their songs. After this girls group the time is for boy’s group is named AZEITUNA they also on stage half an hour. The Azeituna’s show was more effective than the girls. Azeituna’s show was more active. However the both group were successful but there was not a lot of people because the time was earlier.  After these two group there was reggie gruop the name is “Soul of Fire”.


It was very effective show that crazy men. Because eveyone was dancing and shake their bodies as ecstatic. Every body shaking their hands up with the rithm of music. I thought that this is the soul of youth. It was smellig like youthness.


So, this festival will run 14 October and we can see a lot of group performance. Tonight, at 23h will perform Zézé Fernandes and at 00h30 the TOY will be on stage. To the curiouses, tomorrow at 23h Anaquim and 00h30 Pedro Abrunhosa will warm you up.

Text: Gozde Torun

(Pub. Out/2010) 

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