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“The Party has Come, Let’s Shake Hands”

In that afternoon, I saw some flyers and posters “monkeys, giraffes, zebras and birds” posted along the road to campus. Because of minimum understanding on Portuguese language, I just assumed that the advertisment was from the local zoo which offered discounts to visit. Arriving at campus, I read an email from my friend that the poster that ijust thought was a party flyer, a time for all students to gather to know each other. However, i dont know why it´s called “animal party”.

At 6:30 p.m., I’ve seen several students waiting for bus at the stop before campus. Some of them appear willing to go to learn, and the others are ready with their party’s dress. Forty minutes later, the bus were we waiting for finally arrived. All of them rushed in and the journey to Guimaraes began. The historic town that reminded me the story of “Batalha de São Mamede” happenson 12 June 1128. It’s really a historic city. 

At 8 pm I arrived at campus Azurem, this is the first time I visited the city of Guimaraes. Arriving at the building Recepcao Coloiro I saw dozens of students from various majors stand neatly lined up around the dance floor. They were ready to welcome you tonight, just say to how many cups you need to make you float. The price of ticket is also affordable, seven Euros for one ticket per night or 15 Euros for for 3 days parties and ten Euros per night for the public. The committee also provides box tickets there. Thus, I want to see soon the party that will be served tonight.

My waiting for three hours finally paid off already. Promptly at eleven “Recepção ao Caloiro” starting to feel the nuances party. The first song “Guimaraes Preciosa” which was sung by Tun’obebes became the opening theme. The majority-member of Portuguese traditional music group are engineering students. Amazing! Ten students were nimble fingers over the strings to play guitar and mandolin. Potugis sexy dance style was seducing all the audience to dance together.

The dance floor heats up when the music group “Azeituna” in action. Sound of drums, and beautiful passages of guitar, bass, mandolin, and so on were nice to listen, until a group of female students shouting hysterically. In this performence, I saw a female student was appointed to the stage. Oh, in fact, it is her birthday tonight. She was a lucky girl. The whole of the evening seemed to be hers; the audience sang the song as a greeting for her. The atmosphere warmer on the stage, all the musicians pick a beer to welcome new students. Appearance of “Azaitun” ended by inviting her to the dance floor.

In the late night, “Soul of Fire”, regge music group as if drugged throughout the audience. Regge typical rhythm sounded relaxed and excited. I saw to my right and left side, there were cheerful dance, they really enjoy the party tonight. Then go with exceptional DJ performances. Let’s have party till morning!

“This is the party that is very dear to pass up, I have already fives times attended a party of this kind” said Tricornio, the fourth year students of electronics.

Text: Rendra Ardyansah

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