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With the students there were also many adults seeing the show and Erasmus students too. I guess I was lucky than everyone else, because I was in front of the stage.


There were groups of Tunas from Lisbon, Porto and also Braga.

Parents were waiting for the show because they were very excited and happy to see their daughters on stage having fun and also to succeed.


A group of four people started the demonstration. They danced the stage smoothly.


However after their ballet performance I recognized that this was not smooth, the real one was still to come. I guess it was a preparation for the rest of us to get ready for it was coming. A group of girls took the stage and created wonders. On a sudden, the real smooth sounds rose from the stage and it was really charming. They also had flag performance and people were surprised, it was very nice.


The demonstration came repeatedly, after the first group of girls, two men took the stage and danced with each other, later two men more were in the stage, I do not know what they were talking about but even so, I realized they were entertaining the people.


Show must go on…


The second group of girls were from Lisbon, and they did their best. It was a kind of competition, yes this is true but it is obvious that they came here just to enjoy people and themselves. Because when they were on stage they were very happy to be there. After the second group the third group came on and they showed what they had and they were from Porto. They entertained people with the euphonic melody of salsa.


The first section of the show was over with three groups of “Feminina”. In that break I had the chance to talk with people who were there. Firstly I spoke with Erasmus students; it was interesting because they couldn’t understand almost anything. The first reason was curiosity of the performance of FEMALE tunas and second one again curiosity to see Theatro Circo. I also talked with adults and their reason was really good because they just wanted to amuse themselves. For one of them this show was a remember of their youth.


After a short break, they started to second section and I was really wondering who would win and which category. What a surprise!! The Azeituna was on stage, it was a surprised because they are male. They showed themselves and they were perfect like every time.


After all of these shows it was going to end step by step and it must be very excited for femininas to wait for the award ceremony, because, they all were very good at what they did. There was different category like best flag , best tambourine best instrumental etc.


At the end…


The winners were sorted at the end of the night:

Best female tuna: Feminina (Tuna Feminina da Faculdade de Farmácia de Lisboa)

Best flag: Feminina

Best Tambourine: Tuna Feminina do Instituto Superior Técnico

Best Soloist: Tuna Feminina do Orfeão Universitário do Porto

Best Instrumental: Tuna Feminina do Orfeão Universitário do Porto

“Tuna mais Tuna”: Feminina


That was all of that night, and women?s did the best thing again. Congratulations!


Text: Gözde Torum

(Pub. Nov/2010)

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