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Blood Donation was hosted by the University of Minho


The Organization Of Blood Donation Day was organized by Blood Portuguese Institute, and Social Services of University of Minho. Responsible for Promotion and organization of blood donation Doctor Ofelia Alves said that  The Organization Of Blood Donation Day will be held in on October and March in 2011-2012.This is the first year that Blood Donation Day will be organized three times in a Year. In Past years it was held only in two times.


Doctor Ofelia Alves said that “There are 2 purposes of this Blood Donation Day. The first purpose is reminding students of University of Minho of their social responsibility. And the other is to help people who need blood.400.000 units of blood were collected by Blood Portuguese Institute in 2010.I hope that this year more units of blood will be collected.”


Coordinator of the Blood Donation of University of Minho Nuno Catarino expressed that the next Organization of Blood Donation Day which will be organized on 25th October in Braga and 27th October in Guimarães.

Nuno Catarino told that last year 2117 liters of blood were donated by our students and employees. “In the last of our Blood Donation Organization we had 595 donors…It is still the national record of Portugal. University of Minho is one of the biggest supporter of Blood Donation..And we will continue to organize it every year”.


One of Donors Eduardo Hodeilus Cordago(20) told that “I try to donate 3 times in a year…Because it is not only healthful for  my body but also helping  someone makes me happy.


The next Organization of Blood Donation will be organized on 25th October Campus of Gualtar, and 27th October Campus of Azurem.


Text: Bahadir Unal

(Pub. Out/2011)

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